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Welcome To Something Silly On The Internet

This… is the result of a very silly idea that came to me a while ago, when I came across yet another of those silly meme sites… people putting stuff on their pets, or something along those lines. I thought, “Hell, if they can do that, why can’t I just put up pictures of… I dunno, my ducks on random objects?”

And here we are. To start us off, please enjoy this picture of Rusty from Quacked Panes, perched on a statue of a bear cub at the zoo.

But it doesn’t have to be just my ducks on random objects. Have you a duck, or a flock thereof? Maybe you’d like to join in on this silliness, then. If so, then I’ll work up a submissions process and we can all work toward making the Internet an even sillier place than it already is.

I mean, what worthier endeavor could there be?

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